A New Kind of Hula Challenge

In each KaHulaHou event, four teams of dancers challenge each other in tournament-style bouts until only one group remains. Unlike other hula competitions, there is no panel of hula experts determining the outcome. Winners are chosen by the audience, with the cheers and applause of those on the sidelines determining who wins.

In true tournament style, competing dancers remain on the floor to prepare for the next round. They watch their opponents and prepare on the spot for the hula their kumu or leader chooses as the best comeback to their opponent.

KaHulaHou Battle Division Performances

At the start of the competition, a representative from each participating team will draw for that team's number.

As the competition features four participating teams, there will be a total of 14 performances (unless a tiebreaker is necessary). Each team will challenge every other team at least once. A coin toss or other means may be used to determine who goes first per round.

Round 1 - Team 1 vs Team 2 (2 performances)
Round 2 - Team 3 vs Team 4 (2 performances)
Round 3 - Team 1 vs Team 3 (2 performances)
Round 4 - Team 2 vs Team 4 (2 performances)
Round 5 - Team 1 vs Team 4 (2 performances)
Round 6 - Team 2 vs Team 3 (2 performances)

Plus a title round between the top two teams (2 performances)

Total: 14 performances


The audiences’s direct participation in this hula exposition is vital and determines the winners. The methods below may be implemented as needed to decide the winners of each challenge.

  1. (Sound metering) After each round, contending teams and/or representatives will re-assemble on stage and the winner will be determined by audience ovation.
  2. (Random drawing) 4 representatives from the audience will be selected (by ticket number drawing), to determine the winners of each round.
  3. In the event that the above methods fail to determine a winner, KaHulaHou reserves the right to make any and all final decisions.

KaHulaHou Battle Division Awards

Cash and/or trophies will be awarded to the winning teams of each round of the KaHulaHou Battle division.