Kaleo o Nalani

San Diego, CA - Kumu Hula Siaosi and Ida Veimau

A message from Kaleo 'o Nalani:

Congratulations KaHulaHou for another successful year of dedication to Hawaiians and beyond. What a great honor and pleasure it is to be a part of this historic event, which gathers people from afar through our commonalities that reach beyond our imaginations. KaHulaHou brings the vision of Kumus and Directors to the stage of traditions, there to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture through the songs of our heritage and the passion for hula which unites us.

The Journey to the stage is not an easy one for all. Yet the honor to share the stage with the Great Ones is an honor I cannot turn away from.

Good luck to all who have taken their time to steal and borrow to join in the journey to be amongst men at KaHulaHou.

May the Mana of our Ancestors stand and guide us, as we step forth to strive to emulate and keep their spirits alive for future generations. May the pride of our Polynesian Heritage see us through the many challenges that lies ahead.

At the end of the road, may KaHulaHou be a lesson to all that have partaken, and to those who have come to witness the rolling thunder of chants and heartthrob warriors displaying masculinity, grace, finesse, and ear to ear smiles. We are eager to hear the reverberating roar of fans, and the fist-pumping cheers in support of such a Great and a Historic event as KaHulaHou. “Imua”

Men, take the stage and leave nothing behind.

No Retreat! No Surrender! Full Force!

Kaliloa ‘o Kaleo’onalani
Directors: Siaosi and Ida Veimau
Ofa Atu.

The Men of Kaleo o Nalani

Kaleo o Nalani Kaleo o Nalani