KaHulaHou 2010: Final Scores

KaHulaHou 2010 was scored through the use of sound meters, which measured the volume of the audience response following each round. The sound meter results were projected on the overhead screens. At the close of the event, the final scores were tallied to determine the winner of the KaHulaHou Championship Title.

KaHulaHou Scoreboard

Round 1:

Kaleo o Nalani: 91.9
Manawaiopuna: 75.6

Round 2:

Academy of Hawaiian Arts: 95.5
Halau Hula o Walea: 87.3

Round 3:

Halau Hula o Walea: 91.4
Manawaiopuna: 86.2

Round 4:

Academy of Hawaiian Arts: 93.9
Kaleo o Nalani: 88.3

Round 5:

Manawaiopuna: 92.1
Academy of Hawaiian Arts: 88.6

Round 6:

Halau Hula o Walea: 88.5
Kaleo o Nalani: 86.3

KaHulaHou Championship Belt


Academy of Hawaiian Arts: 95.3
Kaleo o Nalani: 86.9
Halau Hula o Walea: 84.9
Manawaiopuna: 69.0


Academy of Hawaiian Arts: 771.4
Kaleo o Nalani: 746.4
Halau Hula o Walea: 742.7
Manawaiopuna: 686.7