KaHulaHou 2013: Pride on the Line

KaHulaHou is back for another round of no-holds-barred hula. This year's competition is moving across the Bay to Pt. Richmond, CA. Join us at the Craneway Pavilion on Saturday, February 2, 2013, for this Hawaiian event that is exciting, spontaneous, and truly captivating — and where you get to be the judge!

Open Seating
For the first time, general admission seating at this year's KaHulaHou competition will be first-come, first served. All general admission tickets are $25  — buy ten tickets and get one free! Want to get closer to the action? Get up close and personal with this year's contenders with $65 ringside seats. (Note, $25 General Admission tickets are now sold out. Ringside seats still available).

Ticket Orders
Tickets for KaHulaHou 2013 are available by phone at (510) 214-5400.

Kane and Wahine Combined Teams!
In 2008 and 2010, KaHulaHou featured exclusively male contenders. In 2011, the women took the floor. Now, for the first time ever, the kane and wahine will join forces in the KaHulaHou Battle Arena to win your vote! This year's main event contenders are:

NEW! Public Challenges!
You've participated as a judge in previous KaHulaHou competitions. Now it's your turn to put your pride on the line in the KaHulaHou Arena! KaHulaHou extends two Public Challenges to the entire hula community. Click the links below for more information about each challenge:

  • Group Challenge: Collect a team of up to ten dancers, and challenge another team of your choosing!
  • Solo Challenge: Compete to win the coveted title of "Best Single Hula Dancer"!

Pacific Island Vendors, Dollar Menu, Plate Lunches and More
As always, KaHulaHou is proud to host an array of Pacific Island vendors at the competition. This year, doors will open early to allow you plenty of time to finish your shopping — and to grab the best seats in the house! Spent all your kala at the vendors? No worries! You can still satisfy your cravings for 'ono (and affordable!) grindz with the famous KaHulaHou Dollar Menu! As advertised, all items are available for a dollar each. Got a bigger appetite? No worries! This year, KaHulaHou is also offering plate lunches.

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