Kaliloa O Kaleo’onalani

San Diego, CA - Kumu Hula Siaosi and Ida Veimau

KaHulaHou is pleased to welcome Kaliloa O Kaleo'onalani back to the KaHulaHou arena. The men of Kaleo'onalani made a grand showing at KaHulaHou 2010.

"Kaliloa O Kaleo'onalani welcomes you to the future and the new breed of Polynesian dancing.

"Our home is a place where families and friends from different cultures gather to educate, encourage and preserve Polynesian culture through dance, creativity and mutual RESPECT and FUN! We welcome each and every one who dares to open their mind and look beyond the horizon. We at Kaleoonalani look forward to examining the ways of the past and exploring the present time to perpetuate our Polynesian heritage and culture. In order to survive, we must evolve together by challenging our beliefs, value systems and knowledge.

"We live by our Motto: Tu’u O Taki (STAND UP AND TAKE THE LEAD)"

“Listen to the calls of our ancestors. Open your eyes, stand firm, step forth and be challenged!”