KaHulaHou 2013: Group Challenge

You've participated as a judge in previous KaHulaHou competitions. Now it's your turn to put your pride on the line in the KaHulaHou Arena!

KaHulaHou hereby invites all hula halau, clubs, teams, school groups, garage and back yard hula dancers to enter a head-to-head challenge at KaHulaHou 2013.

Any team of up to 10 male, female, or combined dancers may challenge any other in attendance at this year's event.

The winners of these head-to-head challenges will be determined by public vote. So remember to invite all your friends to come cheer for your team!

Don't miss this chance to show that your team has what it takes to enter the KaHulaHou Battle Arena!

Have a team, but no one to challenge? No worries! Contact KaHulaHou and we will be happy to assist you in setting up your challenge against another team!

Rules of Engagement

  1. All teams must register their challenges prior to KaHulaHou 2013. One representative must fill out the Public Notice form with the names of both teams, and return it to challenge@kahulahou.com.
  2. All members of the contending teams must be KaHulaHou 2013 ticketholders.

  3. All contenders must abide by the two rules of KaHulaHou: "Keep it Hawaiian" and "Keep it Entertaining."
  4. Teams may have up to ten dancers (male, female, or combined) on the floor at a time.
  5. Teams must provide their own music or accompaniment, either with live musicians/ho'opa'a or with a recording. (For a fee, teams may also prebook the house musicians — contact KaHulaHou for information)