KaHulaHou ENewsletter - September 28, 2010

KaHulaHou: Pride On the Line - October 2, 2010 at the San Mateo County Event Center
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Last Chance: Get Your Tickets Today!
Come support the men of hula at KaHulaHou 2010

Do you hear the approaching rumble? The pounding of drums, the stamp of feet on the floor of the Battle Arena, the roar of the crowd? It can mean only one thing: KaHulaHou is almost here!

The KaHulaHou competitive challenge celebrates the unique vigor and power of men's hula. While women tend to dominate other competitions with their greater numbers, KaHulaHou is all about the kāne dancers. The men take center stage to win your vote, putting their pride on the line to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Battle is about to be joined… you don't want to miss this thrilling event! Last Chance: Get your tickets now!

KaHulaHou 2010
Saturday, October 2, 2010
5:00pm - 10:00pm
(Competition begins at 7:00pm)
San Mateo County Event Center, San Mateo, CA
Tickets: $15-$50 (Group rates available - click here)
Limited ringside seats still available!


KaHulaHou 2010 Venue and Parking
KaHulaHou 2010 will take place in the Fiesta Hall at the San Mateo County Event Center [map | directions]. The Event Center charges $10 per vehicle for parking (cash only).

KaHulaHou 2010 Box Office
The box office will be located near the entrance of Fiesta Hall. Come to the box office on October 2 to purchase KaHulaHou 2010 tickets (subject to availability) or to pick up your will-call tickets. The box office will be open from 4-7:30pm.

KaHulaHou 2010 Seat Upgrades
Already have your KaHulaHou tickets, but wish that you had bought better seats? Never fear! KaHulaHou offers you the chance to upgrade your tickets to any section with available seats! Come to the box office before the show, or speak to a KaHulaHou usher for details.


As a member of the audience and a KaHulaHou Judge, you'll want to keep your energy high to cheer for your favorite team! Get the fuel you need with KaHulaHou's special $1 menu of delicious local-style snacks. Selections include:

Chicken skewers
Corn on the cob

Spam musubi
Boiled peanuts

KaHulaHou Trailer

NEW! Are you ready for KaHulaHou? Get a taste of the action with the third KaHulaHou 2010 Preview Trailer, just released today. By watching and sharing this video on your favorite social networks, you can help make this unique Hawaiian entertainment into the next Internet sensation! See all KaHulaHou videos.

Get an early start on your Christmas shopping! KaHulaHou 2010 will be offering commemorative items for sale, including t-shirts ($10), thunder sticks ($3) and programs ($2). KaHulaHou will also be hosting a number of vendors selling Hawaiian and Polynesian merchandise. See the vendor list.


You don't have to wait until October 2 to make your voice heard. Share your thoughts about KaHulaHou, and read what others are saying.

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